Flawless Hair Remover

As I was a beauty therapist and hairdresser for decades, I’ve always been able to do my own hair removal using wax. That fuzz on your top lip and any facial hair on women is something that does not make us happy!

If I’m in a situation where I can’t wax or don’t have the time, I use this amazing little gadget called a ‘Flawless’ facial Hair remover.

It’s the shape of a lipstick but a bit larger. It runs on just one AA battery and has a little lid that unscrews easily to remove any little bits of hair it removes. You can use it on face and body, however I only use it on my face.

If you wanted to use one on your body I would recommend buying a larger one more designed for your body hair. It’s totally painless you just run it over the area for hair removal.

It actually works like an epilator, meaning it does technically pull the hair from the roots, however I will say that you do feel a little stubble as the hair grows back.

It doesn’t grow back softly like with waxing, however if you need a quick fix to remove any face fuzz I think it does the trick well.

There are so many different brands and price ranges starting as little as $15.

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