How does a Pandemic affect my Wedding Day?

Planning a wedding is a huge challenge in itself - so throw a pandemic into the mix - and you’re going to need even more help. One of the most challenging things about COVID 19, is the unknown of what governments may change tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. I’ve spent 18 months planning and holding weddings during this pandemic, so I have become an expert on what to do and I knew I had to help couples out during these stressful times.

So, I wrote a 22-chapter, 30-page advice book called ‘How to hold a Wedding during a Pandemic’. It’s straight to the point and gives you direction and structure on what to do - and how to cope - plus solutions to problems.

This downloadable PDF eBook - is available free of charge to anyone who purchases my Wedding Planner in digital or printed format. And you can drop me an email anytime at if you have any questions.

Here’s a few passages from my book:

What do you want?

If you both don’t know what you want - then who does?

What are the deal breakers?

In normal circumstances these are questions you would never have to ask yourselves, but these are not normal times.

For example:

• Will you get married if any of your parents can’t make it?

• Will you get married if any of your bridal party can’t make it or if restrictions move back to 100, 50 or 20?

• If you choose not to go ahead with your wedding this year, do you still want to elope on that day and hold the party later?

• If you eloped would it be just with the two of you - or with as many people allowed?

• Do you want to still get married if face masks become mandatory?

• Will you get married without a bridal party if needed?

Chapter 21 - Lemons to Lemonade

You most likely have dreamed of the perfect wedding day since you were quite young and have a very clear vision of it in your head.

My best advice is to let it go. Become a chameleon and move your plans according to the shifts in rules and regulations.

The only other choice you have - is to postpone your wedding until a year or more from now hoping that we may go back to some sense or normal by then. But there’s no way of telling where we may be in a year or even two, that’s the reality of this pandemic.

So, let it go. Accept and move forward.

Much love and support.


​aka - Yoda of Weddings

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