Perfume on your Wedding Day

Today we are going to talk about fragrance.

The bride’s perfume and the groom’s cologne or aftershave is their signature scent for their wedding day. It’s important that your scent matches the style of your day.

If you’re a pretty princess bride, you want a pretty, light, floral fragrance. If you’re more of a mature, sophisticated, elegant bride, the fragrance needs to reflect that.

The same goes for the groom.

Don’t overpower yourself, because most women are wearing perfume at weddings as well as the bridesmaids - so when you all get together in the same room it can be a bit overpowering.

Make sure the bridal party is in sync with what fragrance they are wearing.

If you have four groomsmen and the groom all wearing a different aftershave, it’s way too much to be around and the same goes for the bride and the bridesmaids.

You shouldn’t spray perfume onto skin that is going to be exposed to sun as it makes the skin very sensitive to sun burn, so spray perfume behind the knees so when you walk, you’ll have fragrance waft softly around the dress.

Spray a little through the back of the hair and on the veil so as the wind catches your veil - or as you move around, you’ll get a soft hint of fragrance.

A little bit on your wrist pulse-point and just a tiny little bit behind the ears is perfect, but you don’t want to overpower yourself with your fragrance on your wedding day as that will lead to a headache.

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