Wedding day flowers

Flowers really can make such a statement on your wedding day. Wether it is ceremony decorations, reception decorations on the bridal party flowers.

Different flowers can create a different vibe and can help you convey the theme of your wedding day.

Use tropical blooms for a beach theme weddings, roses and babies breath are great for a romantic garden wedding, natives are perfect for a tradition bush vibe or orchids and greenery for a classy high end vibe.

If the flowers you choose aren't in season at the time of year you are planning on getting married, you can always add some silk flowers into the arrangements or bouquets. The quality of fake flowers these day is amazing and you really have to look very hard to notice any difference.

No matter what type of flowers you choose remember to have fun and make it all about your own personal vibe. That way you wont go wrong!

Much love and support.


​aka - Yoda of Weddings

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