Yoda's Chicken Schnitzel

Cooking is all about understanding the basics and having a broad knowledge of how food works together and how to time things correctly so that it comes together at the same time.

I believe in keeping things simple and uncomplicated.

Chicken schnitzel is such an all rounder crowd pleaser and it’s just so simple to prepare and cook.

You can serve it just on it’s own or with gravy, maybe with a wedge of lemon or Italian style with parmagana.

You can use chicken breast or thigh. The breast can go dry if you over cook it and the thigh can often be more tender. The breast meat will look more white when cooked and the thigh meat will look more pinkish.

It’s easy to get 3 schnitzels out of one chicken breast. Just cut the breast into three pieces and then pound it out a bit flatter with a kitchen mallet. The thinner it is the quicker it will cook.

When I work out what to have for dinner, (which is usually because my partner has a request), I think about how it will all come together at the right time.

So with his request being schnitzel with a creamy garlic and prawn sauce, I first check the crisper to see what veges I have to go with it. Broccolini is perfect with this dish so I took out as much as I needed. But I may have had beans or asparagus, just go with what you have if you feel it goes with it.

I always keep frozen raw, peeled and de-veined prawns in the freezer. I took out 8 and popped them in a bowl with some warm water to thaw them. I’m not big prawn fan so 8 is enough for one person.

I grabbed a container of cream out the fridge, but if I didn’t have any, I always keep long life cream in the pantry.

To crumb the schnitzel I need a little flour, and egg and a drop of milk and breadcrumbs or panko. I like panko as it is more crisp and crunchy.

From the fridge I grabbed a jar of garlic along with some parsley from the crisper.

So where to start?


Well it’s a one frypan and two saucepan meal to cook.

While the prawns were thawing I washed and trimmed the brocollini and placed it in the steamer on the stove top, ready to turn on shortly.

I put a little flour in a bowl, mix and egg with a drop of milk in another bowl with plenty of salt and pepper, the put some panko in a third bowl.

Coat the chicken with flour, dip in egg mix and coat well with the crumbs.

Place coated chicken on a plate and wash the bowls and put away, make sure bench is clean and tidy ready for next step.

Remove the prawns from the water and blot them on paper towel.

Grab a small frypan or saucepan and place a chunk of butter in around 4 tablespoons.

Once it’s melted throw in about 3 teaspoons of garlic (minced in a jar is super easy) and be sure it doesn’t burn as garlic is bitter when burnt.

Turn on the jet for the brocollini so it can start to steam. I only put about 2 inches deep of water in the pan so it steams quickly.

Throw in the prawns and after about 1 minute, turn them over for another minute and remove prawns to a bowl.

Add in about half a container of cream, maybe around 200ml.

Add plenty of pepper and a little salt, not too much as prawns are salty.

Throw in about 4 tablespoons of chopped flat leaf parsley and let the sauce simmer.

Put oil in a non stick pan and when the oil is hot place the crumbed chicken in. I like olive oil but you can use another vegetable oil. I don’t deep fry just shallow fry.

While one side is browning I wash up any dishes and put them away and wipe down the kitchen.

Keep an eye on the chicken, it takes around 5 minutes per side to cook, don’t let it burn.

Ok, so by now everything is pretty well ready to go, so I’ve put out the plates ready to plate up, have turned off the brocollini from steaming and I’ve placed some paper towel on a board and have removed the crumbed chicken and placed it on the paper towel to drain.

I now throw the prawns back into the sauce, you shouldn’t leave them in for a long time or they can overcook and go rubbery.

I have a minute spare to wash the fry pan from the chicken and put it away.

Now it’s time to plate up a piece or two of chicken and lay the broccolini next to it.

Tip the boiling water out of the pot from steaming the veg and rinse it, wipe it and put it away.

Place the prawns on the chicken and then pour the creamy garlic sauce over the broccoli but only let it run under the chicken.

If you pour it all over the chicken it will make it go too soggy.

I always finish with a nice grind of pepper and a touch of salt.

I now only have one dish left and that is the small pan from the sauce, so I wash it and dry it and put it away.

Quick wipe down of the kitchen and it’s spotless before I even eat my meal.

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a nice meal knowing the kitchen is already spotless.

So if you don’t want a creamy garlic sauce with prawns, you could substitute the prawns for bacon and simply fry up bacon first in butter then add cream and make the sauce the same as above but without the prawns. You could also add chilli to make a chilli sauce.

It’s nice to add a little parmesan from the pantry for a little extra flavour.

If you just want a good old fashioned schnitty, just serve it with a wedge of lemon.

Brown onion or chicken gravy is delicious on it and I love Woolworths home brand gravy powders, they take 2 minutes to mix with water and make on the stove top.

If you want to go all Italian, just heat up a pan with some oil and fry up some frozen chopped onions then add a jar of passata, it’s basically just finely diced tomato with veges in a liquid form.

Pour it over the chicken once it’s all boiled up and put it on the chicken schnitzel once it’s cooked and top it with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Put it under the grill for around 5 minutes until it’s bubbly and golden brown.

Easy peasey!

Try to always cook extra to be able to heat up for lunches or meals in the upcoming days.

I love to cook heaps of extra sauce as you can use it for days with other meals like on steak or on veges.

I love sharing all my tips and tricks with you. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on my socials and if you have any wedding lifestyle related questions email me yodaofweddings@gmail.com.

I can’t wait to hear from you 🧡 Sue

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