Yoda's Favourite Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to bridesmaids dresses, your bridesmaids will be different heights and sizes.

Some will be flat chested, and some will be well endowed.

I think it is rare that all of your maids look good in exactly the same dress.

It’s a great idea to allow them to choose their own individual style so they all look individual but have a cohesive blend to look like a bridal party.

Choose a colour palette and allow your maids to have their own input. Some may choose dresses that fall above the knee, below the knee or to the ground. They may choose strapless, with one strap or two, with sleeves or without. You will have much happier maids if they feel fab in their dress.

It is vital that your maids try their dresses on a week or two before the wedding. At least then they have a bit of time to get the dress altered. They need to choose the correct shape and colour underwear and make sure it fits properly and doesn’t show.

It’s quite common that a sheer dress may need to be stitched to the bra with a needle and thread to stop it from showing on the wedding day, so be sure to have your sewing kit on hand.

Whether they pay $50 or $500 for their dress, that’s up to them.

As for shoes to go with their dresses - once again allow your maids to choose whatever shoes they feel great in. Sneakers, wedges or spiky heels, as long as you agree on a colour, what does it matter?

Happy maids will create a much happier wedding day!

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