Your Mind and Thoughts - Part 1

How to control the mind and your thoughts? Well this is a huge subject and one that I would never be able to cover in just one Blog, so be prepared to see many blogs on this topic.

I have lived my life with many of my 'Yoda Mantras’ that I am so happy to be sharing with you.

I’ve chosen a few of mine which I have attached and I will explain:

“Whether you can, or you think you can…….you are right.”

Haven’t you said to yourself many times, well I ‘think' I can do it. When you do that you already set yourself up for failure. Implying to yourself that you ’think’ you can or that you ‘might’ be able to, is also saying that you maybe ‘can’t’ do it. If you want to do something - always say you will do it! And you will.

Be clear and have strong intentions and convictions in life. If you don’t convince your mind and your brain (your inbuilt computer), then who on earth can? You are in total control and that can be an empowering awakening when you realise that YOU control everything that happens in your life.

Don’t make excuses, take responsibility for yourself in whole, meaning holistically. A holistic approach to life is balancing your physical, mental and emotional states and creating harmony within yourself.

It’s like the person that says to me, “I always get red traffic lights”. I say “Yes you do”.

I get funny looks with my Yoda responses, but it’s pretty simple that when you say that something ‘always’ happens to you…...of course it does!

What you think about you bring about. If you don’t believe this, think about this: Think about chocolate non stop and trust me you will be breaking down doors to eat chocolate. Think about horrible, sad things, and feel your whole body feel sad and defeated. Think about things that make you really happy and make your heart sing and you’ll feel happy and hopeful. Just watch the news and see how you feel aftewards.

My second and most powerful Yoda Mantra is: “An excuse is just a story we make up to justify failure”.

Now you will need to say that out loud at least three times to really get a grasp on what that means. It has been proven that when we repeat something to ourselves out loud that we really lock it into our memory bank.

So what does this mean? Well if you go through life making excuses for everything you are saying to yourself that you accept failure.

Excuse: I didn’t drink much water today because I was too busy.

Reality: I didn’t drink water because I didn’t prioritise how important it is for health physically and mentally. It would have only taken me a couple of minutes, I could have made the time, I just couldn’t be bothered.

Result: Your body won’t be healthy and you won’t shed weight if that’s your goal.

Excuse: I didn’t wear my uniform to work because I didn’t have time to wash it. Reality: I didn’t wash my uniform because I got home late and I was tired and couldn’t be bothered. Result: You send a message to your boss and workplace that it’s not important for you to follow your work protocol and that reflects poorly on your attitude.

Excuse: I didn’t make my bed this morning because I slept in and was in a rush. Reality: I didn’t make the bed because I preferred to stay in bed for 3 minutes longer rather than make the bed. Result: Your parent or partner sees you as lazy as you don’t make the effort to just do the basic chores in life.

Excuse: I didn’t get the job I went for because I ran late and got there ten minutes late and my resume wasn’t up to date. Reality: I didn’t get the job because I didn’t think I’d get it anyway so I didn’t make much effort. Result: You will stay stuck where you are and not move forward.

Excuse: I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to because I didn’t have time to prepare healthy food so had to get take out. Reality: I didn’t lose the weight I wanted because I didn’t prioritise the importance of taking time to make food lists, go to the shops and then prepare food. Result: Your body image will not improve which makes you feel bad about yourself physically and mentally.

Get the picture? Our mind is the MOST powerful part of our body. Even a massive body lifter won’t be able to lift a very heavy weight if they don’t ’think’ they can.

So, baby steps to change as always - start with little changes.

Watch out for your thoughts.

Listen to your thoughts.

When you catch yourself making excuses, pull yourself up and change that message. Change an action to move toward a result.

Action - I will eat healthy food rather than junk food.

Result - I will lose weight and feel better.

Change - I will be happier physically and mentally.

Action - I will exercise every second day for 30 minutes. Result - I will lose weight and tone up Change - I will be happier physically and mentally

Action - I will make an effort to be more supportive and loving to my partner Result - I will make our relationship stronger Change - My partner and I will be happier and more united as a couple

Action - I will only drink alcohol 2 times a week. Result - I will lose weight and feel better. Change - I will be happier physically and mentally

Have fun with your new thoughts.

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