Yummy Wedding Food

Today we are going to talk about food.

When people think about wedding food in general, the first thing that usually comes to mind is chicken, steak or fish.

Weddings still have a ‘general’ reputation for average food due to the mass production of the meals, but there are many venues now that pride themselves on their food.

When it comes to selecting your food, take a risk and be different.

Don’t just give your guests a steak, which 9 times out of 10 when cooked on mass at a wedding, aren’t particularly tender and are never cooked to everyone’s individual liking.

When you go for your tasting at the venue (if you choose to do a tasting or if the venue offers that option), be aware that when they prepare the food for you to taste - they have just made one plate of food, so they’ve put everything into it and the food is perfect.

However, when it comes to the wedding itself and they’ve had to make 100 or more of that one dish, it may not be good as the tasting.

With finger foods at a cocktail style reception, make sure they are ‘finger’ foods.

Many times, finger foods are too big and too awkward to hold with one hand. You can’t have a glass in one hand and have a bite to eat with the other hand, when you need two hands to eat an oversized canapé.

You may decide to have a great selection of canapés and drinks upon arrival and then you can forfeit the entree saving you a bit of money so you’re just paying for the main course and dessert.

You can also save a little bit extra by skipping the dessert and just having the wedding cake.

You don’t have to order the full three courses plus canapés plus wedding cake if you are struggling with budget.

Too much food at weddings is wasteful and I’ve been at weddings where there have been 10 or 12 courses and by the 5th or 6th course people leave the food on the table untouched.

It’s nice to ‘wow’ your guests, so they go away feeling satisfied and raving about the food, rather than them saying how wasteful it was.

Whether you have a sit-down dinner or cocktail style, it’s really going to change the feel of your special day, so choose carefully.

A cocktail reception is always going to be a lot more casual and relaxed. Guests will float about because no one has a designated seat to return to.

It’s more casual and works very well if you want a non-formal wedding reception.

If you’d like to stick with tradition and have a sit-down dinner, give a lot of thought to who you place next to each other at tables.

It’s never a good idea to put strangers next to each other on your wedding day. It’s much nicer to sit with people you know.

Where possible, allow guests to be with people they know and if you happen to have a group of people that don’t know anyone, by all means put them all together.

Have your seating plan clearly mapped out on display at the front of your reception and have tables clearly signed. So, make it really easy for your guests.

If it’s a large wedding, you can have someone handing out pieces of paper with the seating plan, so they take it with them while searching for their table.

You can also have some ushers to help seat people if you want a more personal touch, but you’ll need at least 6 if you have a large crowd.

If you want to be different, how about a Mexican bar, pasta bar or baked potato bar or all 3! Gourmet pizzas are always a hit and consider hot soup and crusty bread rolls on a wintery day.

Statistics show that at weddings, the two things people remember the most are the music and the food, so get it right!

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