You can now have The Best Wedding Planner in digital form. 


What does this mean? It means that you can have instant access to your digital wedding planner and with the help of the Goodnotes 5 app (sold separately) you can write all you notes in your planner on either your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer.


The great thing is that information will sync via iCloud so no matter where you are you will be able to access your wedding planning information.


To celebrate the realease of the digital planner you will also recieve 3 bonuses with purchase.

1. FREE copy of "How to Hold a Wedding During a Pandemic" eBook version.

2. Video tutorial on how to import the planner into Goodnotes 5 and how to use.

3. A beautiful A4 size hard copy of "Everything you Need for your Wedding Day' for a special price of $29.95 plus postage. 


Please note - Goodnotes is an app that you can purchase and download to your mobile devices. You purchase it via the App store. You will need this app if you wish to use The Best Wedding Planner as a digital file to write on.


Android version will be available soon.

Digital Wedding Planner with Bonus eBook - iPhone/iPad/Mac compatible